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Gnus Part 3

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This is the third installment of the Gnus series where we discuss scoring. It’s a little complex and this screencast is just an overview of the possibilities rather than an in depth tutorial.


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  1. V S - View score of current article
  2. V s - Set score of current article (requires prefix argument)
  3. V R - Re compute score for current article
  4. V t - Show score rules for current article
  5. V C - Customise score rules for current group.
  6. L - Create new rule to lower scores (based on current article)
  7. I - Create new rule to increase scores (based on current article)
  8. gnus-use-adaptive-scoring - Change this to t to use adaptive scoring.
  9. gnus-default-adaptive-score-alist - Specify scoring rules in here.
  10. gnus-thread-sort-functions - List of functions to sort threads in a group. Primary sort key should be the last function. Refer documentation for details.
  11. gnus-article-sort-functions - Same as above. In effect when threading is disabled.
  12. gnus-thread-sort-by-* - Various pre defined functions which can be put in the gnus-thread-sort-functions list.
  13. gnus-article-sort-by-* - Various pre defined functions which can be put in the gnus-article-sort-functions list.