Tutorial screencasts for Emacs

Topics for the First Section

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These are the topics I’m planning to cover in the first section. I’m posting this up to solicit feedback on content as well as order

  1. Registers and bookmarks
  2. A bunch of minor modes (auto-fill, flyspell etc.)
  3. Basic customisation (probably a multi part episode)
    • Very basic elisp.
    • Simple settings like colours, font size etc.
    • Minor modes
    • Mode hooks
    • Key bindings
    • The customize system
    • Organising your .emacs file.
  4. Keyboard macros

I think this should cover it. I might make changes based on how the episodes turn out but this sounds like a decent starting point.

The other three sections will cover applications like dired etc., programming modes and utilities and finally, elisp. I’ll worry about those when I get there.

This is a call for feedback so please let me know.


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