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Customisation Part 1

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This is the first of a two part episode that discusses how to do basic customisation of Emacs.

This episode covers some basic elisp which is the language that you can extend and modify Emacs with.

I do have an entire section dedicated to teaching Emacs lisp. This is a quick intro solely for the purpose of doing basic customisations.

The H.264 version of the video for iOS devices is at https://archive.org/download/EmacsMovies/08.1-episode-customisation-1.mkv.

The main things which are covered are

  1. A super fast overview of elisp - sexps and prefix notation.
  2. C-x C-e and C-j to evaluate sexps.
  3. Simple expressions like (+ 2 2 )
  4. The ' operator.
  5. Assigning values to symbols using set and setq.
  6. Executing simple functions like set-background-color.
  7. Changing the value of variables like line-spacing.
  8. Writing simple functions.
  9. Using C-h f and C-h v to get documentation on functions and variables.

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