Tutorial screencasts for Emacs


Emacsmovies.org is a series of screencasts that attempt to teach a new generation of programmers one of the most enduring pieces of free software that’s in existence today - The Emacs editor.

It was inspired by a question on stackoverflow asking for Emacs screencasts. There are many excellent ones out there like the ones on emacsrocks.com and many others listed on the wiki. I didn’t find any that were geared towards beginners and which were comprehensive as a series. So, I decided to make these myself.

I’ve been using Emacs since 2001 or so and, while not a power user, am fairly well versed with it. Teaching is an effective way of studying and these screencasts are as much about teaching myself the editor as about sharing the knowledge. I’m not the kind of person who can learn from a screencast. I personally find them too information sparse but they seem to be popular among programmers today so I’ve chosen this as a format.

My blog post about the starting of the series here. The first Emacsmovies post describing my workflow is at http://emacsmovies.org/blog/2012/01/21/welcome_to_emacsmovies.org/. Comments, as usual, are welcome.

About me

My name is Noufal Ibrahim. I’m a freelance programmer and trainer. I mostly do my work in Python. I also dabble in web front end languages like javascript as well as lower level languages like C. I teach people git and python professionally so if you’re interested in a training on either of them, get in touch with me. I’m also a freelance developer available for consulting work. If you have any such requirements, drop me an email.

I’m based in Kozhikode, a port town in the south Indian state of Kerala. My employment history is on my linkedIn profile. My open source work is on my Github account and I have a personal twitter account at @noufalibrahim.

Apart from Emacsmovies.org, I run http://thelycaeum.in which is an experiment in technical education that I’ve started in my area. I also maintain http://calligraffiti.in/ which is a showcase of my calligraphic work. My personal website is at http://nibrahim.net.in and my “experimental” website is at http://noufalibrahim.name.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from watching Emacsmovies as much as I did from making them.



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