Tutorial screencasts for Emacs


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This episode shows basic keyboard navigation in Emacs. The commands discussed here and the ones people use to move around in the editor. There are more advanced ones used in special contexts like finding definitions of functions etc. but those are valid only in specific circumstances. The commands discussed here are the basics.

I’ve changed the showkeys program to make the font a little larger and more prominent. A few people complained about how it wasn’t visible the last time.

I’ve included a link to a version of the video encoded using an h.264 video and vorbis audio codec inside a matroska container. I did this to make the file display properly on iOS devices. Please let me know if it works. The embedded video might not since the player doesn’t support the format but the link below the embedded player should get you the h.264 video directly and that should work on iOS devices.

Finally, the delay in uploading was because the VM on which I was creating the screencasts for some reason started creating choppy video. It looked like it was because it wasn’t powerful enough so I moved to a bare metal machine and the quality improved.

The H.264 version of the video for iOS devices is at https://archive.org/download/EmacsMovies/02-episode-navigation.mkv.

This is the sample file which I used for the presentation.


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