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My original plan was to put out one chapter of the companion book I’m writing for this series along with each screencast but I don’t think that’s realistic anymore. Firstly, they don’t map very well. A chapter covering a 10 minute screencast will be too small to be a respectable chapter. Multiple screencasts might be the subject of a single chapter. Secondly, it’s a lot more effort writing chapters than making screencasts (which is not as easy as I was led to believe either).

Either way, I won’t be putting up book chapters along with each screencast. It’ll mess up my schedule and I won’t be able to deliver. I’ll try to keep one screencast coming every week and when I feel that a logical point has been reached, I’ll take a week off, write up a chapter and put it out.

As always, if you have any feedback, please email me at noufal@emacsmovies.org or tweet to @emacsmovies.

Thank you.


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